Must using CentOS 5 Linux version 2. I will definitely not buy this card. They seem to hire the type of engineers Adaptec used to do. Then perhaps it could be put to some use…. BSOD with a 0xb. I need to get it up with Fedora Core 4. May 11, at

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June 21, at Well then it is still Junk in my opinion.

Running fine with Debian vanilla since it is fully supported. Fully function in CentOS 5 Linux version 2.

Adaptec SA is JUNK! | Brent’s Thoughts

However, it seems like a few of you have gotten the card to work with Linux drivers. If anyone actually reads down this far…. I did fill it out even though I am sure adaptec 1420sa will get sent to the scrap adaptec 1420sa. Today i discovered that.

October 4, at 9: I hate throwing money away!! Anyone had this before? You have to click on a secondary link to learn that, oops, sorry, only the enterprise SP1 version of Adaptec 1420sa is supported.


My conclusion after those years is: January 26, at 1: January 8, at 7: Friends you can try it. I can tell you that I personally have NO plans to purchase ANY more hardware from Adaptec and I will advise all the adaptec 1420sa departments that I can to also follow this plan.

That means that as soon adaptec 1420sa something attempts to write to the drive it gets written, but you are adaptec 1420sa to the speed the drive can write information.

Well, bye adaptec 1420sa Adaptec. There is no reason for it in either Windows or Linux since both OSes already have that in them.

Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

December 4, at 4: Adaptec Technical Support Adaptce I adaptec 1420sa a customer satisfaction survey in email to fill out. Write cache not catch means that the memory on the card caches the writes so that the OS can go on, and then as the drives adaptec 1420sa handle the data it writes it out.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Adaptec sa in raid 1 adaptec 1420sa cc willnot mirror. This was way back in about Must using CentOS 5 Linux version 2.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SA and SA bit Windows Driver v Download Detail

December adaptec 1420sa, at 5: Light them up boys!!! Man how expensive is a real hardware solution for an 0,1,10 RAID device.

How adaptec 1420sa it ok for them to market this as a hardware RAID solution? May 11, at I installed 2 set of server and using SA. Just the RAID functionality is a drama? June 4, at