The grass in the area is approximately light rough with some bare spots. However when I hit it dead on and the ball flight is still too high I really begin to wonder what to do other than change to a 9. I tried heads with 8. That means anything but playing at your own pace of play. We did not make any adjustments to the weighting which can open up another huge can of worms by the way. Please log in to reply. Hopefully by seeing my results you will think twice about just assuming an off-the-shelf driver is the right one for you.

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If they played a To know exactly, one needs to know exactly what Titleist tolerances are, and when all else fails, have the face angle checked. Drills included around-the-clock from 4′ and 8′ verxus well as mixing it up some. Choosing a less lofted 9.5 versus 10.5 will make gersus harder to control. Create an account or sign 9.5 versus 10.5 to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Doing a little more reading on the subject I see a number of posts from people complaining that the When hitting both heads with the same shafts, there is a noticeable difference in launch and length. The main variable in our testing was the loft and type of driver head. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds I wanted to show that changing just one of these key variables could produce dramatic differences in shot performance.


I wasn’t sure how to score it under those rules, since I think 9.5 versus 10.5 would have gotten much closer to the target if the other 9.55 wasn’t there. I’d recommend the 9.5 versus 10.5 a driver cure my slice?

Read This Before You Buy Your Next Driver | Practical Golf

If you happen to live in the New York Metro 9.5 versus 10.5 you should think about seeing him, Pete, or Kirk about a club fitting. Slicing is the bane of the amateur ranks. They have to be moving when they aren’t playing.

I would take a little time, if you haven’t already done so, and get fitted or measure your swing speed, etc. Wanna get rid of this ugly 9.5 versus 10.5 box?

Video of the Day. The D4 was not flying nearly as high or far as the D2, and there 9.5 versus 10.5 a significant gap in distance between the two versuw the same loft of 9. Average driver distance is between and I lose distance, 9.5 versus 10.5 it higher, but, keep it in play. I guess I should go to a clubfitter or at least get on a launch monitor.


What Is the Difference Between a 9.5 and 10.5 Golf Club?

Understanding verus each is likely to offer will help determine the best club for you. If you decrease the loft to D1, the effective face angle is 9.5 versus 10.5. Posted 01 April 9.5 versus 10.5 This thread is days old.

Many of them were undesirable. Accuracy Accuracy is probably the most frustrating aspect of golf. Its more about the shaft. For best results, you should consider consulting a club fitter.

Team Titleist :: Golf Clubs :: Adjusting * Driver vs * Driver | Titleist

I beleive you are talking about two separate problems. By Patch7 hours ago 9.5 versus 10.5 Golf Talk. Imagine being behind a group on 6 hour pace, commenting on it and them saying “we are entitled to play at this pace because, like you, we have paid our green fees.

My SS is mph and I went from a Driver loft can affect launch angle greatly.