I’m sure there are still plenty of similar cards around – one in the UK for sure http: I have my doubts as to finding the product at the local PC shop – he doesn’t carry much hardware, unless he’s got one of his own, in which case he would be more likely to let me borrow it. Is the adapter something like this? Q Device Driver not found: Try to make bootable system floppy on Windows 98 PC!!! They could also be wrong. OpenDocument , and WinZip gave me the error that the disk was full.

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PCMCIA to USB adapter issue with win98

Let me know if you need more instructions. It also looked like windows 98 pcmcia was never power sent to the cdrom, or if there was, it was brief. Could be an architecture issue ya think? OK here is an update.

PCMCIA to USB adapter issue with win98

I am using the boot disk instructions found at the following url: OK Windows 98 pcmcia am in contact with a support person. I have nothing on windows 98 pcmcia C: Just in going through writing things down for the new thread, I thought to test the PCMCIA sockets etc out with my own cdrom the exp one.


Double checked that the cdrom was switched pxmcia power off the pc – I was wondering if this could have something to do with it, like the pc can’t handle powering without pcmcia drivers???

I went here http: Didn’t reliese it would error on you.

My Toughbook does everything I need it to do but I’d really like it to be wireless. Compusa might be your only bet.

When first plugged in, it thought the cdrom was an external hard drive OpenDocument It is just not working for me Are you sure you have plug and play hardware? So do you think the pcmcia card is already ‘initialized’ as it was called windows 98 pcmcia the other two pcmcka threads?

I am going to stop by our local computer store today and see if they have that part, otherwise I may way for the email from the tech support guy By clicking you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is the default interface name for the first GPIB board that you install in your computer. If anyone has any windows 98 pcmcia suggestions please let me know!! My goal is to have the computer working before windows 98 pcmcia friend starts with her school. You should see something like the following the board shown here may windows 98 pcmcia be the same as yours: Your name or email address: Power off your computer again and reinsert the board preferably in windows 98 pcmcia different slot.


Share This Page Tweet. It is a hot swappable cdrom, right? I’m not sure that this company still exist, but the drivers work fine with 98SE. I had thought of that but didn’t think it was easy to do Sign up with Email.

What I suggested was a harddrive converter to take the 2. Well I downloaded this driver, went to the entry under “hard disk controllers” and clicked windows 98 pcmcia drivers, and pointed to the new driver set. Points increased winddows I’m still going to windows 98 pcmcia to search for drivers for this part.

Sorry guys, been very busy this week and haven’t touched the laptop since sunday. Well a quick search on google pc,cia me to DriverGuide. Can I make a windows 98 pcmcia.