Application example Prior to absolute positioning in “Profile Position” mode. Shop Power Factor Controller. Start display at page:. Detent torque at zero current Nm. Commissioning the stepper motor drives is simple because it is not necessary to adjust the controller. At a number of steps of, the Integrated Drive System executes exactly one complete motor revolution at pulses. Inc nd drive system:

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Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS

The electronics are thermally decoupled from the motor by a plastic element. Tool Accessories and Parts. Example of sequential selection of movement commands Presentation Page 7 Schemes: ILS for motion sequence is available with printed circuit board connectors. Each motor type offers specific advantages so that the can be used in a large variety of different applications.

Shop Ionizer and Controls. Speed of rotation in rpm Torque in Nm Number of gear stages Nominal supply voltage c V Nominal current A Nominal speed of rotation of motor rpm Nominal output speed of rotation rpm Nominal output torque Nm. The can be parameterised and controlled via the fieldbus interface. Shop Power Supply Accessories.


Torque in Nm,7 M max,5 M. interated

Shop Power Factor Controller. Page 6 Page 6 version:. The motor phase current is set with a rotary switch.

Page ILS with stepper motor: Nm without gearing Without gearing: The Lexium CT PC commissioning software or the fieldbus is used to enter data sets and parameterise the drive system. The cable entries are for sealing, strain relief and shield connection. Shop Power Transfer Switches. Page 8 78 version:. Page 6 8 version:.

Lexium Integrated Drives – Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS | Schneider Electric

Shop Hall Effect Sensors. Supply voltage These can be operated with a supply voltage from V up to 8 V. Page 7 ILS with stepper motor: Page 68 Page 6 6 version:.

Reference movement During reference movement, the motor moves to a defined position on the axis.

In combination with the electronics, ILE has the characteristics of an absolute encoder. Shop Power Strip Accessories.

The motor lexuim no torque in this operating status. Page 9 ILA with servo motor: The motor no longer produces any torque if the safety function is active.


Lexium Integrated Drives | Troubleshooting and Tips from MRO Drives

Electronics The electronic system comprises control and power electronics. Page 6 Page 6 58 version:. Shop Tool Accessories and Parts. At a number of steps of, the Integrated Drive System executes exactly one complete motor revolution at pulses.

The reference value signal is generated by a controller or an encoder and is sent to the multifunction interface as a pulse signal.