However, whether the Company is doing business with the U. If supplemental standards apply to you, you must always follow the stricter standard so that you comply with both our Code and team- or role-specific standards. A colleague suggesting to an employee Maybe. The disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, counseling, verbal or written reprimands, warnings, probation or suspension without pay, demotions, reductions in salary, termination of employment or service to the Company and restitution. It is very important that ANSYS employees understand the nature of anti-trust activity so that they may avoid impropriety or even the appearance of participation in anti-competitive behavior.

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Similarly, the payment of anything of value may be a bribe even if it goes to a relative or friend of the public official, but not to the public official.

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The Company has in place a set of internal controls that provides reasonable assurances that: Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities ANSYS conducts its business on the basis of jt-wl541 superior value of products, technology and services that it-wwl541 sells. Travel and Entertainment Incurring ordinary travel and entertainment expenses may be legal so long as they are reasonable and necessary for a legitimate business purpose.

I encourage all of you to take time and thoroughly read through the Code and use it as a resource when you have to choose to do the right thing, even if it is hard.

However, the Code is only a starting point. The Board has established these procedures for implementing, administering and monitoring the Compliance function.

When xxp are approached by government agents who are seeking information in connection with a review, inspection or investigation, they should contact the ANSYS Legal Department as soon as possible. Equally important is that we know when to periodically dispose of documents that are no longer useful or do not need to be retained. For more information and for forms and guidance in disclosing potential conflicts, please consult the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

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Price fixing involves any agreement among competitors that tends to raise, lower or stabilize prices or rig bids. These values help us not only comply with regulatory, dp and ethical standards, they help ANSYS be and remain a great place to work. Local laws regarding record retention and disposal may vary. Gifts to Government Employees ANSYS employees are strictly prohibited from providing or receiving anything of value for the purpose of obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment in connection with a government contract.

When in doubt, Stop and Seek Advice. Likewise, we must act diligently with respect to agents, representatives and others working on behalf of ANSYS in regards to their compliance with all anti-corruption laws.

Am I permitted to do this? Agents and Representatives The payment of anything of value to influence a public official may be illegal even if someone else makes the payment. All of us must be vigilant in safeguarding our user IDs and passwords. We should all be able to work in an environment free from violence and threats of violence.

I work as an Engineer in Sales and a customer of mine requested a letter of recommendation so she can obtain a certification. Just as ANSYS is committed to protecting the rights it has in intellectual property and all other forms of confidential information, it is likewise committed to respecting the brands, designs, software and legally protected intellectual property of others. The Company is committed to providing its employees it-el541 the training and guidance necessary to reach a full and complete understanding of the compliance responsibilities that each ANSYS employee bears.

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The Board of Directors or a committee thereof will periodically receive a report of all such alleged violations and the outcome of the inquiry or investigation thereof and shall have access to all reports prepared regarding alleged violations of the Code. Adherence to these requirements is a condition of both initial xo continuing employment. For certain types of it-w,541 property, ANSYS may seek registration or listing with official property registries.

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ANSYS subsidiaries, channel partners, business organizations, and teams may decide to implement additional standards to supplement our Code. Those core values govern how we behave in a wide variety of frequently encountered circumstances. ANSYS strictly prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance in the workplace.

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Failure to comply with the applicable laws and regulations applying to government contracts can have dire professional and personal ramifications. ANSYS requires that individuals be considered for employment opportunity on the basis of merit, as measured against objective job requirements. Conflicts of Interest A conflict of interest arises when an employee has a it-wl51 relationship, or a financial or other interest, with a vendor or supplier that could interfere with his or her obligations to ANSYS.

With employees located around the world and from every walk of life, ANSYS embraces the fact that people of diverse backgrounds and experiences can come together at ANSYS to pursue a common goal.

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Every ANSYS employee has a personal responsibility to his or her colleagues to help eliminate actions or circumstances that threaten the character of our workplace.