Nov 28, Posts: If you’re desparate for more buttons and Intellipoint is a bust, you might want to try using GamePad Companion pref panel. October 17, Very close to sending mouse back. Reply 8 of

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Microsoft Releases IntelliMouse Drivers For OS X

October 19, OS X apparently doesn’t recognize the bluetooth module that comes with it. I was actually looking for the ‘back’ button under the exploger for web browsing. All the buttons are configurable for Expose, the right click works, the scroll wheel works.

October 6, I have one; I agree.

When i use the Apple versions or others i have around this doesnt exist. I found this on the Apple support site: Did you select “Mouse” as device in the Bluetooth Assistant?

I’ve already tried that stuff Apple suggests a ton of times. As I read your question it seems you do not have built-in Bluetooth and can not even get this far? Sun Jan 02, intellinouse I can’t seem to find one. I know it sounds like I’m being picky, I guess I am being picky.


Software Downloads: Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer

I just took it back and got the Logitech MX even though it’s not bluetooth Although I really really really wish the Logitech MX had apple drivers, that one fits perfectly in my hand.

It doesn’t show support for it on the website or box but I figure Bluetooth is Bluetooth right? You will now be able to click continue.

intellimousr Jun 6, Posts: So far I have had no luck with the sideways scroll function but I may not have hit the right combination yet. The two thumb buttons don’t show up in the microsoft system preference pane. Originally posted by EdipisReks: Reply 13 of I do wish it was bluetooth though. Sun Jan 02, 5: I even left the computer on over night with that goin turn intellimouuse sleep and it didn’t work. Oct 30, Posts: Reply 4 of I will probably end up with one of the ones menitoned.

September 12, 1: I have no idea what to try next. I just got one of these and while I can get it to work in a basic way I can not get any of the special features to work at all.


I will just say fuck it, return it to the store and get a different mouse All functions work, even though the mouse won’t PAIR. Thanks for the tip.

October 7, 3: