What are the effects of lateral transports of freshwater, heat and nutrients on local ocean stratification and productivity and how do they drive changes in the ecosystem? The paleodepth map for this unconformity has the area of this seismic reflection profile near sea level. In anticipation of future warming in Antarctica, the overarching hypothesis of the proposed project is: Different members of our Italian-American research group prefer different processes for the last erosion of the unconformity, and the time when this occurred. This includes the unique educational opportunity for undergraduates to participate in research cruises in Antarctica and the development of a novel summer graduate course on fjord ecosystems. The goal of all the LTER sites is to conduct policy-relevant research on ecological questions that require tens of years of data, and cover large geographical areas. Fitzgerald , Plateau collapse model for the Transantarctic Mountains—West Antarctic rift system; insights from numerical experiments, Geology, 35, —

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Our research project addresses the reasons why surface lakes form on Antarctic ice shelves and how these surface lakes subsequently contribute to the forces that may contribute to ice-shelf breakup like that of the Larsen B. The PIs will make these data products accessible to the research community. This award will provide a new baseline map for the entire Dry Valley system, with high-resolution imagery provided for the valley floors, and lower resolution imagery available for the higher elevation areas that are undergoing less change.

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It will also contribute to a better understanding of eruption magnitude, dispersal patterns and geochemical evolution of West Antarctic volcanoes. In the present project, the investigators will aaw-3035 both short and prolonged exposure experiments at Palmer Station, Antarctica to determine the responses of Euphausia superba to elevated CO2 and temperature.

The research has the potential to rree change the way that we understand the formation and differentiation of large magma bodies within the shallow crust.

About 80 million years ago, the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula in the vicinity of what is now James Ross Island experienced an episode of rapid subsidence, creating a broad depositional basin that collected sediments eroding from the high mountains to the West. Fre lake will be studied during a single camm field season to determine whether grooming of surrounding surface streams and shorelines with heavy construction equipment will allow surface water to be manually encouraged to fill the lake.

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The broader impacts include participation of a science writer; broadcast of science segments by members of the Jim Lehrer Vree Hour Public Broadcasting System ; material for summer courses in environmental change; mentoring of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; and showcasing scientific activities and findings to students and public through podcasts.

Additional fieldwork will look at the distribution of buried massive ice, and the impacts that major changes like slumping are having on the biota. Airborne and ground-based radar surveys were conducted to map the ice thickness and geometry of the sub-glacial trough and the grounding zone.

Top-down controls and shifting baselines. The project will be led by an early-career scientist, provide broad training to graduate students, and engage in public outreach on polar science. Internet based outreach activities will be enhanced and extended by the participation of a professional photographer who will produce magazine articles, websites, radio broadcasts, and other forms of public outreach on the fascinating Antarctic ecosystem.

The work is an important step towards improving our understanding of time-scales associated with the thermal and chemical evolution of nearly all magma chambers on Earth, which will ultimately lead to better predictions of volcanic hazards globally. Four specific hypotheses address the ways in which pulses of water and wind will influence contemporary and future ecosystem structure, function and connectivity.

Furthermore, the work will further develop a molecular toolkit which could open up new avenues of research on the physiology, ecology, and population dynamics of this important group of Antarctic organisms. Beginning with the earliest expeditions to the poles, scientists have noted that many polar taxa grow to unusually large body sizes, a phenomenon now known as ‘polar gigantism. Andvord Bay Glacier Timelapse. These cak also commonly contain some of the world’s most important ore deposits.

Fjords long, narrow, deep inlets of the sea between high cliffs along the central coast of the Peninsula appear to be intense, potentially climate sensitive, hotspots of biological production and biodiversity, yet the structure and dynamics of these fjord ecosystems are very poorly understood. Modified paleo-depth grids will be made available at a later time.

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The information was produced for the SeaWiFS project. Furthermore, these projects will pioneer an qeb implementing recommendations from the National Research Council committee on Principles of Environmental Stewardship for the Exploration and Study of Subglacial Environments In addition to providing the new high-resolution digital elevation model DEMthe project will ultimately result in identification of areas that are susceptible to sediment-enhanced melt-driven change, providing a powerful prediction tool for the impacts of climate change.

Our results are now being integrated into a landscape wetness model that will help to elucidate the impact of phototrophic and heterotrophic diazotrophs on Dry Valley wide scale. Ultimately, the research will contribute to understanding of the glaciological processes that link climate change to rising sea level. What is the sensitivity or resilience of the ecosystem to external perturbations as a function of the ecosystem state? Investigations of Beardmore Glacier Abstract.

United States Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC)

The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recognized that the greatest uncertainties in assessing future global sea-level change stem from a poor understanding of ice sheet dynamics and ice sheet vulnerability to oceanic and atmospheric warming.

Locating this event, as well as the other reversals, will be a major addition to understanding of the geological history of the Antarctic Peninsula. Students and researchers will frre in a rich interdisciplinary research environment by working with a biological oceanographer, a fluid mechanics expert and a CFD expert?

The scheme then uses simple usp properties cloud fraction, cloud optical thickness, and diffuse albedo to produce total and photosynthetically active solar irradiance fields Bishop and Rossow ; ISCCP Documentation of Cloud Data; Frouin et al.

Ice cores record detailed histories of past climate variations. Testing the Polar Gateway Glaciation Hypothesis: