So you think that Flexi 7. Jobs deleted automatically from queue after rip and print – new to flexi! I just use it for being online now. Can you believe that people are actually doing this? Aaron Mulka , Dec 6, , in forum: So that is probable the one I’ll go with. Could of been done hours ago.

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I’d also be very cautious about buying a previous version.

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Apr 17, 2. Connect from any client computer to the shared device.

By handydSeptember 24, in Flexi. Installing on one of my VM machines and going to test. I would hate to take this back to my store here and raise cane to get my money back and buy a better product.

Secondly, none of the tools seemed to work any better, it was basically the same program, with just a different layout. Have you tried a System Restore to the last time it worked?

Apr 17, 1. I was thinking of getting the Flexi now and then upgrading to the Flexi-Pro later. Bluetooth Dongles pass information between two computers and more, smartphones, and other devices — no extra cables or cords dlexisign required. I Flexiwign the software on my wife’s laptop and it works so I would say its not the dongle.


How do I fix this is my question. Apr 18, 7. Will keep you all posted.

Now I installed on my wifes laptop and it works so that means something changed on my PC and the only thing I can tlexisign of is windows update or antivirus.

Apr 19, In my mind your wasting time trying to do things with the key as that is not the problem and even SAI confirmed that. As soon as I can find one at a decent price. Apr 18, What is it with this dongle key? Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Apr 18, 5. Key pain in the azz but program is very compatibale with any printer or cutter. Why is a dongle called a dongle? They had me download a program that reads my dongle and states the serial number.

Flexi Dongle

Also, you can always test a paid subscription for free for 7 days. Flexi is a superb program. Software solutions that claim to backup dongles are actually emulators, dlexisign. I have VE Lxi Master.

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Connect a USB dongle to the computer that will act as a server share a devicestart USB Network Gate and share it from there, what will make a device accessible to the clients remote computers. I may just run the updates on my wifes computer as well to see if that disables the FlexiStarter Windows update has been foexisign known issue with Flexi forever.

There are seven different theories that explain etymology of the term: However there is a way to go about it. Signs and flexi sign files motorsportsDec 11,eongle forum: