The first build to be able to upgrade from Windows 3. The RJ telephone-style connectors on the cable modem can each provide telephone service to multiple telephones, fax machines, and analog modems. The USB driver installation is complete. Contact your cable telephone service provider to get telephone service through the cable modem. After the cable modem completes step 8 Registration Completed , the modem proceeds immediately to Normal Operations, on page It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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If you are unable to insert this plug fully into the outlet, contact an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Install the Cable Modem, Continued Installing the Modem for High-Speed Data Service The following installation procedures explain how to set up and configure your cable modem if you plan to use high-speed data service. If you need further assistance, contact your cable service provider.

Notification to the telephone company is no longer required prior to connecting registered equipment, but upon request from the telephone company, the user shall dps2203 the telephone company which line the equipment is connected to as well as the registration number and ringer equivalence number of the registered protective circuitry.

If you are not using the USB interface, skip this section. Telephone service is enabled for each telephone port on the cable modem by the cable telephone service provider.

How Do I Install Usb Drivers – Scientific Atlanta DPX, EPX User Manual [Page 22]

Other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners. This results in more memory being available to run applications, and lesser usage of the swap file. Retrieved February 18, Click Start, select Settings, and choose Control Panel.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. With both Ethernet and USB devices connected to the modem at the same time, when data is being transferred through only one of wihdows devices Ethernet or USBthe light illuminates continuously.

NET framework version 1. The Found New Hardware Wizard window opens. The Found New Hardware Wizard window reopens with a message that the installation is complete. Follow these steps to renew the IP address on your PC. Copy this page and use that copy of the wall-mounting template to mark the mounting screw locations. Discuss these options with your cable telephony service provider.

Windows 98 Second Edition Retail Full.

Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR DPX manuals

The mounting location should be free of obstructions on all sides, and the cables should be able to easily reach the cable modem without strain. Place this equipment either dx2203 or vertically. The modem does not register an Ethernet connection after connecting to a hub.

April 3, [11].

Product and service availability is subject to change without notice. Follow the appropriate instructions in this section for your operating system.

Verify that the mounting screws securely support the battery pack and modem before you release the unit. Once my cable modem is connected, how do I access the Internet?


The surface must support the size and weight of this equipment. You dpx22033 also need to give your cable service provider the following information: Era la prima build ad essere in grado di eseguire l’aggiornamento da Windows 3.

Brave dude tries to use Windows 98 for his daily life, gets a big surprise

Contact your cable service provider when any of the following situations occur: Wwindows can connect two separate PCs to the cable modem at the same time by connecting one to the Ethernet port and one to the USB port. Operate this equipment only from an electrical outlet that has the voltage and frequency that the label indicates. Windows 98 also supports a Fast Shutdown feature that initiates shutdown without uninitializing device drivers. Attach the modem foot to the modem by aligning the prong on the foot with 89 hole on the bottom of the modem.

Professional installation also ensures proper cable connection to the modem and to your PC, and ensures proper configuration of all hardware and software settings.