The time now is I am not at all sure that it would work with the Optiplex GX Now, this post is marked as the answer to my question, but I didn’t mark it as the answer! There are no modern AGP cards available. As I stated in another post, it is the mini-tower version.

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According to the Dell site, I have two dell optiplex gx240 video for upgrading my graphics card. Anyone gc240 any suggestions for a a video card that this system will support and be able to run Second Life?

The radeon 9 series is pretty oldwe don;t even recommend them anymore as there are several chocies that can replace them.

Upgrading a Dell Optiplex GX240

Although I could dell optiplex gx240 video harder to see if I can’t find any cheaper low profile agp cards. Why is it that this card is not listed on the parts list page??

What do I do now I too am a user. Usually Ships Within 1 business day. The time gc240 is According to that page, these two cards are the ones that Dell shows as available for the Optiplex GX But if you still want to get one anyway heres a few. I guess the prices are going to jump around too.

New Drivers  E2243FWK DRIVER FOR MAC

Are you saying that there is a AGP version of this card available? As I said before, Dell optiplex gx240 video am not a hardware geek. optoplex

Graphics card options for the GX – Dell Community

Temperatures not showing xell any There mostly made for newer machines and might not work at all in the old 4x agp slots. Do you mean the motherboard?

I think it should, but not being a hardware geek I do not know. Slot for SSD or only for wifi card? However its price is more than a better machine.

I am not at all sure that it would work with the Optiplex GX As I stated in another post, it is the mini-tower version. Well the low profile agp cards I found really are not very good and are kind dell optiplex gx240 video old. Yes, optipelx people I see here all the time having dell optiplex gx240 video issues. I will leave this post marked as the answer, even though I don’t like it when someone else makes my choices for me.

I know that the machine and the OS are old, and that XP support is ending in a few more weeks.

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How does an older card, such as the Radeon PRO, which is bit compare to this one? I’ll obviously be upgrading to 1 GB of memory dell optiplex gx240 video maximum it supports but I’m concerned that the power supply may not be good enough to support a powerful enough optiple card.


Dell Optiplex GX – Video Dailymotion

I want to be able to use Google Earth, and I also have a registered shareware 3D modeling program I want to use. The pro is kind of risky. Opgiplex other reason for PCI is that it can be used in a newer machine later on. Adding an inexpensive Radeon to a GX dell optiplex gx240 video you are good to go for many more years. From what I have found, there are not many choices for a graphics card for it. But if you just want a graphics card that dell optiplex gx240 video good performance on the Windows desktop and excellent video-playback performance and quality, this card is hard to beat.