Check with the system manufacturer for more information. The TS3 provides this powerful functionality for both platforms. Traditionally, docks are only able to be used in a horizontal orientation. Solid Die-Cast Aluminum Construction. Audio from an external docking solution never sounded this good!

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The TS3 Plus uses dedicated inputs for the headphone and microphone ports so a headphone with a combination audio input and output 3.

thunderrbolt Power users need as many ports as they can get hold of and the TS3 Plus delivers on this promise. If you are unsure about your Thunderbolt 3 specifications, please check with your system manufacturer. SD Card Reader With the advent of digital media, transferring data from SD cards to computers has become an integral part of any project, especially digital thundwrbolt and 4K videography. The Digital Audio port allows users to connect directly to their amplifier, speakers, or home theatre receiver for a pure digital signal.

Six of the seven USB 3. In order to charge a laptop the TS3 Plus needs to be directly connected to the laptop’s Thunderbolt 3 port.


Charging & Expanding Thunderbolt 3 Workflows

In addition, CalDigit is one of the only dock manufacturers to support the Apple SuperDrive when connected to the dock. For more information, please visit https: The Thunderbolt Station 3 Plus offers ultimate connectivity by adding a staggering 15 ports for any application. Just connect the Thunderbolt 3 cable to your computer and you are ready to go! Orientation Vertical or Horizontal.

Thunderbolt 3 Windows host systems can have security settings with the System BIOS that affect if Thunderbolt 3 devices or USB devices attached via a Thunderbolt 3 device like our dock will work prior to Windows being loaded. Audio from an external docking solution never sounded this good! Windows users must have the latest Intel Thunderbolt 3 firmware and drivers installed. The TS3 Plus’ design is flexible and can be used in either orientation.

CalDigit | Thunderbolt 3 | mini Dock | HDMI | DisplayPort | Adapter

Connect Dual 4K 60Hz Displays. Traditionally, docks are only able to be used in a horizontal orientation. Featuring 15 versatile ports that take productivity to the next level, the TS3 Plus has connectivity options for any advanced workflow. Free Thunderbolt 3 Cable.

One Click Eject Software. Should users choose to purchase the TS3 Plus with a cable, they are available in lengths caldigif 0. When connecting one monitor though DisplayPort the maximum resolution is 4K 60Hz. Single 4K 60Hz Monitor.


Americas United States English: Learn more about Laptop Charging. The two USB-C ports are for data only. The TS3 can also be integrated into any workflow in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing users to choose how they display the device on their desk. Horizontal or Vertical Orientation.

Dimensions and Weight Height: The 85W power delivery will calxigit laptops in no time.

CalDigit Thunderboltâ„¢ station

Not all Type-C cables offer the same performance. Charging feature may vary depending on the design of the Windows Thunderbolt 3 laptops. Who is the TS3 for?

Always plug higher-performance devices into the left-hand ports on MacBook Pro inch,Thunderblot Thunderbolt 3 Ports for maximum data throughput. Charge Laptop up to 85W.