A Computer which with all family will be able to enjoy a more natural way of using the computer and a machine that will help us save power cause it only consumes a total of 65W. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. The mouse is also included in the price and it also keeps the design of the device as its lighting in electric blue of all the LEDs of the Eee Top. Among its rich complement of features are Wi-Fi Despite the relatively budget price for the Eee Top, ASUS have managed to eke out more than a little style from its plastic casing. Both use the same processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a GB Hard drive running at rpm and some extra really interesting features that we will detail in the next page. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

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The absence of an optical drive means the ASUS is et1062 to be asked to do any serious media lifting; however it happily played back a p high-definition video from the hard-drive anything higher resolution caused stuttering. It follows the same isolated keys as first seen on some Sony laptops, and although lacking a separate numeric keypad the rest of the keys are full-sized. Top-notch entertainment at a touch.

Saying that the EeeTop PC needs to be set up is an exaggeration. Using the included peripherals and a WiFi internet connection, you can reduce cabling to just two wires: Still, sound quality from the built-in speakers is reasonable. Innovative new segment or just another Eee oddity: It also makes the Eee Top more portable; toting it between rooms is no hardship, and the next-generation model, tipped to have an internal battery, should make that even more straightforward.


Among its rich complement of features are Wi-Fi The EeeTop PC is also the perfect computer for beginners. This tactile pen is almost the size of a normal felt-tip pen and will amaze the enthusiasts of the photographic edition when joining, not as with a more professional system like in other tables, the direct edition at the screen.

One point of concern was a pixel-width blue line that appeared down the left-hand side of the display after the Eee Top had been switched on for a while, and which only a reboot would dismiss.

EeeTop PC ET | All-in-One PCs | ASUS

It features a touch panel that allows you to do everything you can with a regular desktop by simply applying direct pressure on the screen with your fingertips!

Concept and features Asus Eee Top.

We only miss an optical slot-in unit in its right side. Et602 new domestic computer from Asus is the direct translation of the EeePc to the desktop format. First impressions are positive. A computer which only lacks of an optic unit for being perfect. The whole case is like a mirror. Underneath the touchscreen there are buttons for brightness and volume on the left, while wt1602 power and screen toggle are on the right. SlashGear set to finding out.


This way, with one port we cover both keyboard and mouse. As it is, leaving a message for someone relies on them starting up the Eee Memo app. Even easier to use. Two color versions of the Eee Top are available, white and black, with otherwise identical hardware specs. To open an Eee Top ewe like a kids game. Both models, ET and ET, use the same configuration for everything else.

Does it all at a Touch

Easy to set up. Asus has taken advantage of the near design of the menu of the Eee Pc to integrate it into this version with St1602 XP and bring open and free applications to Windows XP environment.

In use, the 1. On the left-hand side there are a further two USB 2. The Eee Top has vents running across the top and in the center on the back. A low cost but innovative format computer and with enough power to make the most different office tasks and general entertainment.

The mouse is less impressive, a lightweight blue LED model with scroll-wheel. To solve that, you get Easy Mode, a large-icon launcher which runs automatically when you start the PC.