Remove the retainer from the cassette. These fonts are listed in Appendix C. This command unloads the previous version of ATPS configuration. The multipurpose tray holds up to sheets of paper. It offers built-in Ethernet support, for up to 10 times the data-transfer rate possible with LocalTalk cabling. Select the LaserWriter Pro option and press Enter.

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The same effect can be achieved by turning the printer off and then on again.

16/600 Apple LaserWriter 16/600 w/32MB LaserJet 600 x 600 Dpi Laser Printer

If your printer is connected to the server through a parallel port connection, display the PostScript Options dialog box and make sure that Protocol Options is set to None. Page 72 LaserWriter or Macintosh. Macintosh 50—51, — provided with the printer Windows— from manufacturers other than substituting, Macintosh Apple TrueType settings, Windows — hardware options. Select Print Server Configuration and wwindows Enter. Printing grayscale documents When you print a document containing shades of gray, you can choose lzserwriter maximize either image quality or speed.

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS Setup, Connection And Use

After the printer software has been copied to your hard disk, a message eindows telling you that the driver software was successfully installed. Its FinePrint technology produces smooth text and line art, making it especially good for printing from graphics applications. Fit the cover into the printer so that it covers the exposed portion of the paper cassette.

New Drivers  DVR-K15 DRIVERS

Standard output tray on top of the printer. Speed m 17 pages per minute maximum using letter-size paper or 16 pages per minute maximum using A4-size paper.

Apple LaserWriter 16/ PS with Win 7 (6… – Apple Community

To purchase terminators, contact an Apple-authorized dealer. Making sure everything is working The best way to make sure everything is set up correctly is to print something. Insert the paper cassette into the sheet feeder. The quality of grayscale art could be better. Novell Netware Troubleshooting, Lwpman Errors Novell NetWare troubleshooting The printer is properly connected and configured, but printing is garbled or displays unwanted characters.

This plug will fit only a grounded AC outlet. Make sure paper fits under this corner bracket.

Page Loading transparencies in the multipurpose tray You can load one sheet of overhead transparency at a time into the multipurpose tray for manual printing.

Checking for and clearing paper jams Occasionally a piece of paper may get stuck inside the printer during the printing process. Page Loading letterhead paper in the multipurpose tray You can load a stack of letterhead in the multipurpose tray for automatic printing. This area gets hot.


Remove the cardboard from the multipurpose tray. When requested to do so, type the IP address of the subnet mask in the following format, then press Enter: Gently rock the toner cartridge as shown. You can lengthen or shorten the time that the printer remains idle before it reduces its power consumption. Page Enter information into the remote printer form as follows: Page Printer IP address assignment, option B: Printing To A Postscript File Printing to a PostScript file As an alternative to printing your document on the laserwroter, you can save a PostScript language description of your document as a disk file.


laderwriter Page Refer to the information that came with your Macintosh. The Apple logo marks Allow space for air the front of the printer. PostScript Performance Tells the driver to build PostScript document descriptions that print as fast as possible when Optimize for Speed is selected.

You can verify the configuration by performing a text print with the command. Page 50 Connect the printer to the Ethernet network in one of these three ways: Workgroup printer – laser – monochrome.

Such document descriptions might not print successfully on printers with limited memory.